The Olympus DS-2600 was launched last year to much fanfare (see launch article here) – now Olympus are making the offering even more appealing by bundling it with the Dragon Recorder Edition Voice Recognition Software.

The DS-2600 is the current “entry” level offering in the Olympus range of Professional devices but it’s hard to look at this very capable device as an entry offering. Slide Switch operation, colour screen, full stereo recording are just some of the features this fantastic device can boost about on its long list of features. For the very first time, Olympus have just launched a recorder from its Professional range which is bundled with Dragon.

The Dragon Recorder Edition software can be considering as an entry level offering in the Dragon line-up of software products, but it’s still extremely capable. Here’s a quick table comparison of the Recorder Edition to the 2 most popular standalone versions of the Dragon Software, Home and Professional Individual 15.

As can be seen, the Recorder Edition (as the name would suggest) can only be used in conjunction with a Digital Voice Recorder, you cannot perform Real-Time Speech Recognition (speak into a mic and see the software typing) with this version of the software. The software is still very capable though and for those professionals that are looking for an entry into the digital recorder / voice recognition space, this will certainly appeal to you.

The best thing about the kit is the simplicity, when it comes to using the provided versions of software. When pairing the Dragon Recorder Edition software with the Olympus DSS Player Standard (both provided in the kit) – creating quick and accurate transcriptions couldn’t be easier! Here’s a quick link to a YouTube Video to show you the process:

We are expecting our first shipment of this bundle towards the end of June, which we expect to move nice and quickly. Pricing on this kit looks extremely competitive so please contact one of our branches ASAP for more info on this exciting kit. 

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