Philips DVT8000Recording meeting minutes ensures that the decisions and actions resulting from a meeting aren’t lost or forgotten. By taking the time to record proper meeting notes you’ll make sure the time and effort that goes into a meeting isn’t wasted.
It provides a historical record that can be used at future meetings for verification of decisions, and as a reminder of past events and actions and can provide important information to people who were not invited to or able to attend the meeting.

Recording your meetings allows you to engage more actively in the meeting, knowing that you can revisit the recording later to take notes and get important details. You can then have the meeting transcribed by your secretary or 3rd party transcription services.

By being able to play back the audio, you often get the nuances of the discussion that you never heard or had forgotten and it is much easier to settle disputes over what was actually said as it is very easy to go back to the recording for clarification.

philips DVT8000 and DPM8900

Another bonus is that recordings are green. It is so easy and convenient to upload the recording to your PC for archiving or to email to relevant parties. No papers getting lost or building up on your desk.

Philips have a range of meeting recorders to suit your various needs. We have the DVT8000 compact recorder which is perfect for your HR meetings, disciplinary hearings or small office meetings. The DVT8000 bundle come with two boundary layer microphones to endure that your mid-size meetings are perfectly recorded. It also comes with a carry case to store the recorder and microphones. We also have the DPM8900 Conference Kit for much larger meetings or boardrooms.

For more information or to arrange a no-obligation demonstration on our Philips range of Professional Dictation, meeting and transcription products, contact Powerhouse Dictation.

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