winscribe dictation for lawyersWinscribe has been working with law firms since 1995; designing innovative speech technology solutions to help improve productivity, reduce cost and increase their competitiveness. Winscribe’s speech productivity solutions enable lawyers and other legal professionals to organize their time more efficiently, and to work in more flexible and productive ways.

Winscribe offers mobile, web-based and server-based digital dictation, speech recognition and legal documentation workflow management solutions that help lawyers produce documentation faster and more accurately, while protecting the security of sensitive client information.

Our Speech Technology solutions are designed to make the most out of your voice. Winscribe supports speech-enabled document creation, by either using digital dictation or advanced voice-to-text technology. Intelligent workflow options are employed to automate and streamline processes, improve staff productivity, and increase overall efficiency of your firm.

winscribe applications

Key benefits of Digital Dictation Software for Legal Professionals:

  • Advanced workflow and intelligent automation helps to reduce organizational costs and improves attorney and support staff productivity
  • Maximize productivity and rapidly improve document turnaround time by employing advanced speech recognition technology
  • Mobilize your workforce and leverage existing investments with flexible recording options (via smartphones, tablets, digital recorders, and/or PC microphones)
  • Integrate with existing case and data management systems to minimize data entry and ensure streamlined processes
  • Flexible acquisition options by means of traditional (on premise) licensing or cloud-based SaaS licensing to meet the needs of your law firm

To find our more information please contact:
Winscribe SA
011 887 1056


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