Mellony Ramalho

Adopting new technologies to conduct legal research

Long late-night hours poring through old legal texts in a stately library setting, with attractive albeit dishevelled colleagues: the storyline of most...
New Normal Post Lockdown

Embracing the new “normal” post lockdown in South Africa

Risk experts agree, post lockdown and post Covid-19 we will all need to embrace the new normal to succeed and survive this...
Shaun Viljoen

New SearchShop platform empowers consumers with real-time information for better financial decision making

Leading fintech software specialist, e4, has announced the launch of its innovative new platform, allowing consumers to perform live individual, company, property, and...
Bosman Stramrood

Checks and balances to avoid non-compliance

Choosing the right governance, risk and compliance system for your business Institutional checks and balances, civil society groups, and...
Greg Brown of LexisNexis

The impact of technology on the conveyancing industry

The use of technology and innovation to enhance performance can have a positive impact on business growth. Embracing technological resources has become...