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Pros and cons of property stokvels

Stokvels in South Africa are big business and becoming bigger. A group saving scheme that was once used for a likeminded group of individuals...
Andrea Tucker

New Year’s Resolutions for (first-time) home buyers in 2021

If 2020 taught us anything it’s that life can be unpredictable and while no one can say for certain how much things will change...
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Customised Cost Calculators for your website from AJS

A recent development out of the AJS stable offers clients the ability to embed cost calculators directly into their corporate websites to assist prospective...
First digital signature for deeds in Bloemfontein

Giant Leap for Deeds Office with First Electronically Signed Registration

In a historic development that could spell faster and more efficient conveyancing processes, the South African Deeds Office has registered its first electronically signed...
Clive Bredenkamp head of e4 Legal Studio

BondTracker app launched by e4 to enhance registration process

Software as a service company, e4, has launched BondTracker, a mobile business app, designed to facilitate efficiency in tracking and communicating progress when registering...
Chantelle Frier from e4 Cape Town

e4’s innovative bridging finance service in SearchWorks celebrates five years of saving time and...

Software as a Service specialist, e4, says its bridging finance online process within SearchWorks, e4’s web-based search application service, celebrates five years of innovation,...
GhostDigest offers new conveyancing tariff guidel

GhostDigest Conveyancing Tables for April 2018

The Tables of Costs - ready reckoner has been updated to reflect the increase in Vat from 14% to 15% for the transfer of immovable property...
Lexis Windeed

Conveyancers capitalise on technology to ensure return business

In a competitive market place where innovation and performance matter and business growth is dependent on relationship and service delivery, the use of technology...
Deeds Scanner by e4

Mobile app launched by e4 to aid Deeds Office manual process

Software as Service company, e4, has launched DeedScanner, a mobile app that works with its Case Management Workflow solution, Deeds, to better manage the...

E-contracts save one lawyer up to 240,000 pages of paper per project

Colin Biggers & Paisley, an Australian law firm with a focus on property development, did the sums and also decided that it could save...