lexisnexisThe new and improved LexisNexis Government Gazettes online service will soon cover the history of Gazetted announcements from 1910 – current. This back data will be offered to subscribers at no additional cost – R6 000 per year for a single user license. That’s 70% less than other similar services.

Service Highlights:

  • Government Gazettes has been digitised and is fully searchable.
  • A comprehensive index has been included to enable easy navigation. Navigation features include the subject area, year published, document type and publication source
  • Gazettes can be easily browsed by Acts, Bills, Laws, Notices and Proclamations classified within the year of publication.
  • Powerful search technology to produce instant results.
  • Gazettes Online is updated daily.
  • Fully integrated with other LexisNexis online products

For those who are existing subscribers to My LexisNexis, LexisNexis has granted 2 weeks free trial access to Government Gazettes online to get you started. Next time you log on to MyLexisNexis, you will see the product in your menu.

To find out more about LexisNexis Government Gazettes click here.

To subscribe to LexisNexis Government Gazettes or request a free 2 weeks trial call 0860 765 432.

Contributed by:
LexisNexis South Africa


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