xpressdoxGroup company XpressDox, has just launched the browser version of its powerful document assembly software. With XpressDox “web”, you can now run templates from anywhere in the world, even if you don’t have Microsoft® Word loaded. You can also launch templates from your firm’s own website, for example if you want third parties to fill in templates themselves, perhaps for marketing.

More news from XpressDox is that we will be exhibiting at the LegalTech New York show at the end of January 2011. Over the past six months, XpressDox has been implemented at more than 200 law firms worldwide, including three of South Africa’s largest firms and one of the largest firms internationally. Not all new clients are large firms, however, with the majority of the orders being for small to mid-sized firms.

“Every law firm should be using a tool like XpressDox,” says Chris Pearson, chairman of the o2Smart group of companies which owns XpressDox. “Not only does it allow lawyers to re-use existing documents which increases fees, but it also makes secretaries more productive. And with the cost of salaries, coupled with the tight economy – any tool that brings a real gain in productivity is sensible business,” he added.


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