Softlog integrates with practice management systems in law firms

Utlising different software solutions that don’t ‘speak to one another’ is inefficient, expensive, and unfortunately rather ubiquitous. It often means that simple tasks that have the power to be automated are instead manually completed, and many times that work also has to be duplicated. 

Consider the case of a firm using a cost recovery system that does not integrate with their practice management system. The data captured by the cost recovery system is redundant if it’s not accurately inputted into a practice management system. And if the data captured by the cost recovery system is not labeled correctly then the chances of accurately inputting that information are close to zero. Never mind the ethical implications of not accurately tracking disbursement costs.

This is where Softlog Systems comes in; designed from inception for cost recovery this solution integrates seamlessly with all of South Africa’s leading practice management systems. Softlog was originally developed in Australia, but made a name for itself in the South African legal market as far back as 15 years ago. During this time in South Africa Softlog Systems has collaborated with all leading practice management systems to ensure that these separate systems speak to one another at the click of a button.

What makes for seamless integration between a cost recovery and a practice management system?

Matter codes are mirrored:

Softlog Systems allows one to allocate matter codes to every disbursement (phone call, email, print, etc.) These disbursements are then automatically, and accurately, pulled through to your practice management system. Along with any other remarks.

Flexible pricing options:

Different pricing options for different matters, clients, or attorneys are easy to set-up and manage through Softlog Systems. Negotiated rates of any kind can seamlessly reflect on the bill the client receives. This is because Softlog Systems was developed with lawyers, for lawyers. 

Customisable pricing:

Do you have costly letterheads? Do these letterheads form the first-page of particular documents you bill for? Softlog Systems is able to customise every aspect of pricing – meaning that the first-page of a particular document type can be set at a higher rate than the rest. As well as countless other applications that relate to your unique firm’s practices. 

Watertight tracking:

Every communication within your firm is tracked – every scan, email, call, print, and copy. This means that even non-billable work has be allocated to a personal or administrative account. This translates to an efficient resource management system as there is accountability for who is doing what, and the added bonus of valuable managerial insights. 

At the end of the day any firm, like any other business, is only as strong as its bottom line. Using the right tools in the right places should create a more efficient, and therefore profitable, organisation. If you think you may be using the wrong cost recovery tool then give us a call – we’d be happy to give you a hands-on idea of what using the right tool will feel like. 

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SoftLog South Africa
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