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Many of the world’s most prosperous companies operate on more than one continent. If you want to succeed in business, or enjoy a successful career in the corporate world, it is becoming increasingly important to connect with people around the world that would be hard to reach through paid-for-private meeting requests called, events. To accomplish this, it is essential for professionals in a variety of roles to maintain a network of business connections from abroad by using the YouDeh app.

Whether you’re hoping to manage others, take a start-up global or simply enjoy a greater number of lucrative sales opportunities for your business, YouDeh can help you achieve these goals.

To help people understand the YouDeh app, Thulani Ngwenya, Founder and CEO of YouDeh summarises what it is and how it can be used to benefit businesses:

Thulani Ngwenya, Founder and CEO of YouDeh said “YouDeh is an app that allows people to connectsomewhere out there in the world, someone is trying to reach out to you, and they will pay for your time. This app will allow people to reach you without compromising your privacy, and they will pay you for your time”.

The main benefit of the app

1. Getting paid for your time, users can connect with you via a private video call and pay you for the virtual meeting. It is important to note that users pay for the meeting before the invite is sent to you.

2. Connect with users from all over the world.

3. The privacy is maintained, to have the virtual meetings, you do not need anyone’s email address or contact number, so your personal details are never exchanged or exposed.

4. Getting to connect with people you’ve always wanted to, but never had their contact details.

5. YouDeh also allows you to host paid events via the streaming feature of the app.

The app was launched in May 2021. “Since the launch, we have had people using the app from different categories including doctors, tutors, teachers, Sangomas, lawyers, mentors, consultants, influencers, and many others. Interestingly though, much of the user base comes from outside South Africa and it has been a steady growth since.” Thulani concludes.

To the public, make sure to connect with YouDeh and download the app.

Instagram: @_YouDeh

Facebook: @areyoudeh

Twitter: @_YouDeh

Android users can download via:

Apple users can download via:


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