Shaun Viljoen

Leading fintech software specialist, e4, has announced the launch of its innovative new platform, allowing consumers to perform live individual, company, property, and vehicle searches anytime, anywhere.

SearchShop provides vetting and informational searches to consumers for the very first time as clients will no longer be required to be part of an established business in order to utilise e4’s advanced search capabilities.

Developed using the latest technology, SearchShop delivers results to its users in a matter of seconds including critical information such as municipal and market values on properties, or the retail and trade values of vehicles to consumers where and when they need it.

“In the age of information it’s crucial to have access to the right information at the right time which is why SearchShop allows the person on the street access to real-time, location-specific searches for property, vehicle and company information,” explains Shaun Viljoen, senior business analyst, e4.

The platform, available on the web and Google Play Store, offers consumers ultimate convenience of using their mobile device to access the app and perform efficient property and vehicle valuations on the spot. “GPS will pick up a user’s location therefore minimising inputs and seamlessly provide them with all the necessary data should they be interested in a particular property. Consumers interested in a pre-owned vehicle can also perform the necessary valuation checks while standing right next to their vehicle of choice to ensure that the best deal is indeed coming their way,” says Viljoen.

In addition to allowing ordinary consumers to access instant insights on the go and at their fingertips, SearchShop registration is free and users are charged on a per search basis with no hidden fees or subscriptions. Years of user feedback and experience have allowed e4 to craft a clean, user-friendly mobile interface that is easy to navigate and operate.

“SearchShop is about empowering consumers with up-to-the-minute information in order to make more informed financial decisions using cutting edge technology via the ease of a mobile app,” adds Viljoen.

To find out more about SearchShop visit and download the app from the Google play store at


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