cell phone pollEvery time I do a smartphone review, I try to imagine what features would be important to lawyers in the field. So I decided that the best way to find out would be to ask lawyers what they think important in a simple poll.

This will make a huge difference to my reviews in the future and allow me to focus on what is important to our readers.

For me, at the moment, maybe because my current Android phone is smaller than the average Samsung, the screen size is important – also because I want to use big fonts, so that I do not have to put my glasses on each time I want to use the phone.

Next would have to be voice clarity.

But you see these are important to me, so when I next look at a phone these will be top of my list of features that will not be negotiable. So what is important to you?

Now please, I just vant to hear 2 clicks, ja!

Please help me, help you in your next choice of mobile phone. And please do not tell me you listen to what the cell phone shop assistant advises you to buy!

I thank you in advance….Now CLICK…CLICK.

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