search magnifyThe iPad tip this week is not very complicated and is an embedded application or feature that just about everybody overlooks!

Everyone sees this application and very quickly swipes to the next screen – the simple and extremely powerful application is the built-in “Search iPad” application which allows you to search the entire (or selected categories in the “General/Spotlight Search” setup) iPad.

search ipad

That is all your emails, calendar, contacts, music, videos, podcasts, and applications….everything. And rather quickly too!

I’m not sure why people bypass this screen when they see it – but out of the 5 people I asked about it, knew that the screen was there and assumed it was some sort of text typing area and moved right on, to more exciting applications.

As I mentioned above, you can change what categories it searches on the iPad by going into “Settings”, then “General” and then “Spotlight Search” and ticking the categories you want to include in the search.


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