skypeWe all know how useful Skype is on your PC and some of us have also tried it on your cell phones, but how many of you use Skype on your iPad?

While I was overseas earlier this year, I bought a Skype telephone number (local) and then forwarded my cell calls to this number – so people got hold of me, no matter where I was – provided I had internet access. Obviously while I was travelling I used Skype to stay in touch with family and friends back home, but also topped up on Skype Out, which allows you to make phone calls to cell and land lines. So in short I did not use roaming, but was available through Skype and callers thought I was still in my office. The whole 3 week travel cost me about R200 on calls and the Skype telephone number. I bet it would have cost a whole heap more if I used roaming. I used the local cell data packages while in Europe.

skype screen shot1

I digress, Skype on your iPad is a little different to how it looks on the PC, but the fundamentals are the same. Tapping the contact opens up the details of the person on Skype and offers you various ways in which to make contact. The voice quality is good, even without earphones and a mic.

skype screen shot2

A nice addition for when you are travelling is to use the Skype WiFi – which allows you to use your Skype Credits to connect to a number of WiFi hot spots.

To find out more about using Skype on your iPad, use this How To from Skype.


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