MS Word for Lawyers 2022

Welcome to Microsoft Word for Lawyers, formatting text, paragraphs and more. My name is Sean Dillman.

I’m a lawyer, instructor, web-developer, and videographer. In my most recent role as a lawyer, I was a co-managing partner of a law firm and maintained a general practice. I have produced an accredited course for the legal community which teaches technology-based practice management and productivity skills. The goal is to provide practical and accessible information that can be put into immediate use.

This is a presentation that I gave recently to about 100 lawyers across the country and it went really well and I received many wonderful testimonials and a lot of great comments following the presentation so I thought that I would turn this into a YouTube video so that even more people could benefit from seeing it.

Sean has a number of tutorial videos on his website, – be sure to go through his other courses as well!


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