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16 Microsoft Word Tips You Need to Learn Now

Think you know everything about Microsoft Word? Here are some hidden tricks and time-saving hacks you need to know.
Ms Word Tips

How to Create Fields in a Word Template

Microsoft Word gives you the ability to create a wide range of print-formatted documents and templates, including letters, envelopes, labels and forms. From MS...
MS Word Styles

Five Word Styles Lawyers Need to Know

Have you ever spent hours fine-tuning a Microsoft Word document to ensure a consistent “look and feel” throughout? If so, I suspect...
Ms Word Templates

Microsoft Word Tips for Lawyers

I know this article by SmokeBall is a couple of months old, but it is seldom you get so many practical tips...
MS Word Style Tips

MS Word Styles for Lawyers

A style is a set of formatting rules that apply to text, tables, and lists in a Word document. When a style...
Best MS Word Practices for Lawyers

9 Best Practices For Lawyers Using Microsoft Word

Simple Tips To Create Professional Legal Documents Faster.At Infoware our goal is making document creation faster and easier for legal professionals. Our...
Ms Word Templates

How to Make Word Documents Fillable but Not Editable

If contracts are part of your daily workflow, you know how frustrating it is when people change parts of the document or...
MS-Word Wisdom

Control (Microsoft) Word

A great article on clearing formatting and using quick parts by Catherine Sanders from Reach of Center for Practice Management North Carolina...
MS Word 365 tips

10 Microsoft Word tips to boost your productivity and help you get more work...

Microsoft Word remains an enterprise productivity mainstay, with more than 90% of businesses providing Office to their workers.1 "Yet despite that popularity and familiarity,...

How to Change the Alignment of the Numbers in a Numbered List in Microsoft...

By default, the numbers on numbered lists are left-aligned in the space allotted for the numbering. However, aligning them to the center or the right...

How to Recover an Unsaved Microsoft Office File

You’ve just closed an Office document and accidentally clicked Don’t Save. Or maybe Word crashed or your laptop lost power before you remembered to...

Microsoft Office 2016 (for Windows) Review by PCMag

Microsoft made massive changes in Office 2016 for Windows but has hidden most of the changes beneath a reassuringly familiar-looking surface. With the new...