MS Word for Lawyers

Many Legal Practitioners nowadays work remotely and need to draft legal documents without the help of an assistant. Legal documents must be delivered fast, look professional and be accurate. Time and energy are wasted on panel-beating a document in a presentable format. 

Anyone working with legal documents, requiring accuracy and professionalism, will benefit from the efficient use of the powerful functions MS Word has to offer. 

Effective use of targeted functions mostly used in the legal environment, will lessen the time and energy spent of solving common drafting and editing frustrations. Get rid of incorrect numbered clauses, non-corresponding cross-references, manual tables of contents, repetitive tasks and other, format errors and other word processing hinderances. 

Microsoft Word for Legal Practitioners is a practical 262 page book packed with full-colour screenshots and easy step-by-step instructions on how to turbo-charge  workflow, improve accuracy, eliminate errors, automate routine tasks, and improve the level of consistent professionalism when drafting, editing and reviewing legal documents.

The Author, Monica Korf, is a practising commercial and conveyancing Attorney in Cape Town with more than 24 years’ experience in legal drafting and a passion for the use of technology in a modern law practice. She explains that MS Word is often used as a “typewriter” because the proper use of the available functions is unknown or not mastered.

She started writing the book, the first time a client refused to pay her bill due to spelling errors, lack of page numbers, different fonts, white spaces between paragraphs and other drafting mishaps. The hours spent on the legal correctness of the content of the document, were wasted. Her legal expertise was judged on how the document looked. “Not only were the errors embarrassing, but also expensive” said Monica.

Effective use of MS Word can also streamline collaborations between Legal Practitioners when the same legal document is reviewed on behalf of different clients. Reviewing a contract drafted by a colleague not skilled in functions such as styles and tracked changes, can be a tiresome nightmare. “I often have to revert to reviewing the old way: red pen in hand on paper” she said. 

In today’s modern technology-driven fast-moving legal environment, thousands of Rands are spent on third party software to generate legal documents according to existing templates. MS Word offers powerful functions to automate repetitive tasks, create professional templates and auto-populate legal documents with unique, client-specific information at the click of a button. MS Word is less expensive and easily obtainable. 

Monica benefits from the automation functions of MS Word in her virtual law practice, one of the first in SA, to offer online legal documents customed to a client’s specific needs. She strongly believes that other legal practitioners, especially those without the means for expensive software and skilled assistants, can strive using the available functions in MS Word to become more productive and profitable. 

“Drafting documents correctly and neatly are nowhere more important than in the legal industry. I found this guide invaluable and have reserved a prime spot on my desk for it. Get your copy today – a compulsory read to revolutionise your work!” – Dr Ferdie Lochner (USB PhD)

Monica can be reached at or at 072 849 6823. More information and a sample of the book can be obtained from

A full-colour printed book is available at R750-00 (VAT incl.) from and A full-colour e-book is available at R565-08 (VAT Incl.) from Kobo Books, Amazon and through other major online retailers 

Microsoft word for legal practitioners


Microsoft Word for Legal Practitioners is a practical, step-by-step guide created by a legal professional to help other legal professionals to turbo-charge their workflow, improve content accuracy, automate routine tasks, and improve the level of professionalism when drafting, editing and reviewing legal documents.

The guide aims to empower legal practitioners to harness the incredible power Microsoft Word has to offer to get more done, quickly, accurate and consistent. It comes packed with full-colour screenshots, easy to follow instructions, and a variety of tips and insights to help you make the most of Word in the fast-paced, pressurised, and technology driven environment in which legal practitioners find themselves.

Key benefits:

Microsoft Word for Legal Practitioners gets straight to the nuts and bolts, and focuses on specific skills and functions relevant and useful in a legal environment 

  • Speed up document drafting, editing and reviewing 
  • Deliver consistent correct and professional  documents quicker.
  • Eliminate common frustrations encountered when drafting and editing documents. No more incorrect numbered clauses, wrong cross-references, manual tables of contents and other formatting frustrations.
  • Automate repetitive tasks. Benefit from time-saving tools, styles, automated text, quick parts, fields and many more powerful functions.
  • Create handy and professional templates to deliver consistent high quality documents on-the-go by anyone in the firm.
  • Auto-populate documents with client-specific information at the click of a button.
  • Convey a strong, cohesive and professional legal brand no matter who drafts the document in the firm.

Main Features

In Microsoft Word for Legal Practitioners. anyone working with legal documents will learn how to:

  • Know what functions are available and useful when drafting legal documents 
  • How MS-Word can make legal drafting easier and quicker
  • How to auto-generate a Table of Contents and effect changes automatically
  • How to auto-number clauses and sub-clauses on multiple levels
  • How to auto-insert cross-references between clauses
  • How to use Styles to format an entire document at once
  • How to compare different document versions instantly
  • How to review and comment on documents
  • How to use Track changes
  • How to add different types of document protection
  • How to create and automate Templates
  • Handy functions, tips, and tricks
  • How to auto-populate documents using powerful functions such as fillable fields 
  • How to solve common drafting and editing problems
  • How to automate routine and repetitive tasks using templates, stylesheets, text shortcuts, Quick Parts, macros, and more
  • Create consistently neat and professional documents no matter who drafts them or works on them.

• Work efficiently and productively with loads of other handy functions and tools.

TITLE: Microsoft word for legal practitioners

AUTHOR: Monica Korf (B. Comm LLB)
ISBN (Softcover): 978-0-620-87043-6
Published: June 2020
No of pages: 272
Format: Softcover • Portrait • 279.40 mm x 215.90 mm
Printing: Full colour throughout
Category: Non-Fiction • Law • Legal Writing
BISAC: COM058000 / LAW098000
Retail Price: $32-20 / R750-00 (VAT incl.
Available as:  SOFTCOVER and E-BOOK

Available from: and (only available in SA)





and through other major online retailers (INGRAMSPARK Distributors.



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