Paperless with DocFusion

In today’s age, merging all the processes required for an automated system can be tricky and costly. This has paved the way for the development and introduction of solutions that streamline critical business processes and functions, of which document automation is considered one of the most important.

“Combining the power of Office365 with DocFusion365 and DocuSign to capture, compose and sign documents means effectively acquiring a streamlined paperless process. With DocFusion365 we have enabled Office365 users to leverage existing Microsoft SharePoint, Dynamics CRM or Project Online data to generate and pre-populate highly complex, rule-driven documents to be signed via DocuSign,” explains Tony Bloom, Customer Success Manager at AIS.

DocFusion365’s unique configuration allows the user to set up a DocuSign template within the process of composing a document.

“This means that a once-off configuration template is set and dynamically updated using the data provided. Once the data has been captured the configuration then reads to whom the envelope needs to be sent for signing without any ‘next steps’ required,” adds Bloom.

To further the automation DocFusion365 also offers a Microsoft Flow component which initiates the document generation process based on various Triggers. This opens up more opportunities of how data is captured, for example, using Microsoft PowerApps for the capturing process.

“Once the record has been captured, all that is left to do is enjoy the time saved. Let DocFusion365 handle the nitty-gritty of generating and pre-populating your documents, preparing the signature fields, sending the envelope to the necessary signatories and provide status updates on the signing process,” says Bloom.

A paperless office is one of the main goals of the broader digital transformation journey in businesses today. DocFusion365 provides the ability to increase productivity, eliminate paper, sign electronically, comply with regulations, manage risk and preserve corporate identity.

DocFusion365 + DocuSign + Office365 = Paperless Office

About Assimilated Information Systems (AIS) Pty Ltd.
Assimilated Information Systems (AIS) Pty Ltd. is an established South African specialist services provider of software and Information Technology. It was incorporated in 2006 to supply large companies and multi-nationals, and leverages off its inherent intellectual capital – over 66 years of combined IT industry experience. In 2013 the Company entered a new phase of development when it became a member of e4. 


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