webinar UPSOn the 9th June 2015 at 16:30 we will be hosting an online Google Hangout chat on the difference between a UPS and an Inverter power backup for your PC or TV, so that we can catch you at your desk just before you leave the office.

A UPS is quick, cheap, instantaneous with smooth power and easy to install – but it has a couple of downfalls.


APC Back-UPS RS1100

An Inverter is bigger, more expensive and a little trickier to calculate the exact needs – the downfall here being cost and that it does not give you a smooth transition when the power drops.

Power inverter  

inverter connection diagram


There are a number of other points relating to these backup solutions, why not visit the Google Hangout and watch the introduction presentation and then RSVP as below.

You can RSVP to watch the live Google Hangout chat with the link below:
Load Shedding Solution – UPS or Inverter

Quick points on Google Hangouts in viewing mode:

  1. To view only without being able to ask questions, you don’t need to login to a Google account.
  2. To be able to RSVP for the event and get a reminder from your Google account and to allow me to remind you of the event closer to the time, plus be able to view and ask questions you need to be logged into your Google account.

Give me a shout, either by commenting below or via email if you need help getting Google Hangouts to work for you.

This Google Hangout technology chat is not meant for large offices that run off of huge generators – that is a whole different scenario.

RSVP now for UPS vs Inverter


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