dragon naturallyspeaking professional for law firmsDocumentation is an essential function in a law office. It needs to be accurate, but does it need to be time consuming and expensive? Increasingly, attorneys and other personnel in law offices are discovering the efficiencies of speech recognition software. What does speech recognition software do?

  • Speech recognition software is relatively simple to install and use and allows rapid creation of text using voice in virtually all common word processing and report-generating programs
  • Speech recognition software allows simple command and control functionality within a computer which can streamline computer based functions both in the office and while on the road
  • Use of simple-to-create “commands” or macros allows insertion of commonly used text with a simple voice command
  • You can use your voice to control your PC, allowing you to open programs, write emails, search the web and create documents or spreadsheets.

There are so many ways that law firms can make use of this technology to make their businesses more efficient. Here are some:

  • creating file memos;
  • creating memos for staff;
  • speaking emails rather than writing them;
  • taking notes while conducting book-based research.

Another benefit is for practicing attorneys preparing for trial: Dragon can assist you with your opening and closing statements. A lot of lawyers might prepare these statements by speaking out loud to hear what the argument would sound like but unless you have a written copy, you will not always remember what you said. By using Dragon you can have your words typed out as you speak them and then would be able to go back afterwards and read through and edit what you have said.

When dictating on a recorder, you need to wait until the secretary is able to type up the document and send it back to you for editing. With Dragon you can eliminate a step and have the words typed up automatically while you dictate, allowing you to make changes immediately and saving you valuable time. You can also send the transcribed document to your secretary for editing.

The benefits of Dragon do not end with voice to text. Using voice commands to perform single or multi-click tasks is considerably faster than using a keyboard or mouse. Whether you are sending an email, moving a message, creating a new email to a list, forwarding an email to a colleague and so on, you will save considerable time using equivalent voice commands.

We are aware that not everyone is ready to embrace Dragon. But at the very least all law firms should be updating their offices with a professional digital dictation solution. Please contact us to arrange a no-obligation demonstration of the Philips range of professional recorders and solutions that can help you maximize your productivity.

For more information on Dragon NaturallySpeaking or Philips Digital recorders, please contact

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