Covid Social Distancing

The Research on Socioeconomic Policy Group (RESEP) at Stellenbosh University released an interesting report entitled ‘COVID-19 school closures in South Africa & its impact on children’.  The following is an extract from the findings and recommendations of the report: “… it is our view that keeping children out of school is not in the best interests of the child. Consequently, all children should return to schools, crèches and ECD centres without any further delay. The profound costs borne by small children and families as a result of the ongoing nationwide lockdown and school closures will be felt for at least the next 10 years.”

Other highlights from today’s edition(available at include news headlines such as:

  • Minister says government ‘ready’ to open salons, but industry in the dark.
  • Discovery predicts Covid-19’s effects will last until 2022 as it sets aside provisions for the pandemic.
  • Covid-19 lockdown regulations and National Coronavirus Command Council under legal scrutiny, again.
  • Auditors appointed after companies ‘fail to pay’ workers Covid-19 relief funds.
  • What Ramaphosa’s COVID-19 decisions say about South Africa’s democracy.


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