Highlights from today’s edition include the following news headlines :
• Court amends lockdown regulations, allows Covid-19 patients to self-isolate at home. (3 June 2020, IOL)
• Govt facing court action over foreign nationals’ access to Covid-19 grant. (3 June 2020, EWN)
• Eastern Cape MEC loses court battle over Covid-19 guesthouse tweet – as judge slams government corruption in SA. (3 Jun 2020, Daily Maverick)
and an analysis of De Beer and Others v Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (21542/2020) [2020] ZAGPPHC 184 (2 June 2020) by Pierre de Vos entitled Judgment invalidating lockdown regulations is flawed, but so is the government’s “means justifies the end” defence´ at
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