Regulatory Update Covid-19

Highlights from today’s edition include directions regarding the following issues in terms of the regulations made under the Disaster Management Act.

  • Air Freight Operations.

GN492 GG 43271 p3 4May2020

  • COVID-19 Temporary Employee / Employer Relief Scheme Directives (C19 TERS, 2020) – amendment and correction.

RGN486 GG43265 p3 4May2020

  • Court precincts and justice service points in the Republic of South Africa.

RGN489 GG 43268 p3 4May2020

  • Essential financial services.

GN487 GG 43266 p3 4May2020

  • Live Streaming of the Creative Sector Services.

GN490 GG 43269 p3 4May2020

  • Extension of the validity periods of Learner’s Licences, Driving Licence Cards, Licence Discs, Professional Driving Permits and Registration of a Motor Vehicles.

GN491 GG 43270 p3 4May2020

  • Public Transport Services. Once-Off Long Distance Inter-Provincial Transport.

GN483 GG 43262 p3 1May2020

  • Public Transport Services.

GN493 GG 43272 p3 4May2020 at   and GN495 GG 43274 p3 4May2020

  • Railway Operations. GN494 GG 43273 p3 4May2020

  • Sea Ports.

GN496 GG 43275 p3 4May2020

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