Tech Talk Legal on POPIA Exceptions

Last week Friday Tech Talk Legal hosted Lucien Pierce from Phukubje Pierce Masithela Attorneys and Andrea de Jongh, Privacy Governance Specialist at Moonstone on Personal Privacy and who, what and when there are exclusions to POPIA.
Louis Podbielski from Louis Case Reports, said that he adopted the SAFLII’s anonymization policy, and that it works rather well. But that it is time consuming.
Lucien Pierce unravelled the privacy aspect in the Eastern Cape farmer case, where the farmer was using traps to catch animals that were doing harm to his farm and cyclists coming past reported this with the farmer’s details in social media.  Lucien then covered the situations where POPIA is excluded and the reasons behind this personal information being critical for public interest or protection.
Andrea de Jongh, then gave an overview of compliance and risk in the rolling out and maintaining good policies in the corporate space, and what she has experienced at Moonstone as an example.
The great thing about our webinars at Tech Talk Legal is that they are limited to around 40 minutes.
Watch the video recording below…