Biden and Putin

Now that the 24hour-non-stop-replay covid pandemic Hollywood production entitled Fauci Fear has made a hasty exit – stage left – a new more intriguing live action Netflix special has entered the ceaseless prime-time viewing slot – entitled Regain Ukraine. This is to be a blockbuster of note. Already, its early days’ viewings are entering the stratosphere. It is destined to relegate the current Netflix hit, The Tinder Swindler, into the small-time viewing audience of a couple of die-hard nutters hunkering down in a garage wearing former SADF uniforms watching the 1980’s Danish fringe cult XXX movie entitled Animal Farm on a super 8 projector. 

Napoleon believed he had a moral right to kill in the interests of a higher social good.

My scrawny ex-friend’s late mother felt she had the right to force feed him for health reasons: “come on boychik – have some more potatoes.”

Biden believes he has the right to bullsh*t an already exhausted world that Putin is an unpredictable, bloodthirsty aggro badass guy, who is the ultimate threat to Europe’s security.

I had a High Court civil litigation case many years ago, where in settlement negotiations, the lawyer on the other side said to me: “but your client is a total piece of crap of a person and how the hell can you act for him and…and…well…he…he must…fall on his sword.”        

Now, I do not purport to be any expert on the Ukraine but, just like the direct chain of causation that exists between a case of crabs and a night spent with a pavement special from the Cape Town Harbour, we too must look at certain facts and ask the simple question – “why?”

Fact 1: a gas pipeline between Russia and Germany called Nord Stream 2 is about to go online to supply Germany with a cheap and reliable source of energy.

Fact 2: in a world where Germany and Russia are friends and trading partners, there is no need for US military bases, no need for the US industrial military complex and, most importantly, no need for expensive US gas supplies. 

Fact 3: Biden opposes Nord Stream 2 because it’s a scary future where the US is side-lined, and Europe and Asia can carry on their own private love-fest.  

Fact 4: Russia has not invaded any country since the demise of the Soviet Union; the US however has invaded and overthrown regimes in countless countries during this period. 

When the western media found out Slick Willie aka Bill Clinton was taking oral submissions from intern Monica Lewinsky, he dropped a different kind of payload on Afghanistan and the Sudan on the 20th of August 1998 – simply to distract the USA and the world from his concession, before a grand jury on 17 August 1998, that he did have “inappropriate intimate contact” with Lewinsky. 

Sleepy Joe Biden’s son, chronic drug rehab visitor Hunter Biden, also worked for an Ukrainian energy company called Burisma, where it would seem daddy had used his influence to secure a lucrative business deal and thereby keep his son’s attention and head down, focussed on making money instead of in the accommodating laps of strippers.

The bottom line of all this simply is: the current situation in the Ukraine is nothing but stylised Japanese Kabuki snuff theatre where an innocent cast will die. The local equivalent would be toyi-toying turned violent outside the Zuma corruption trial, and the apparent bergie who set fire to Parliament, causing hundreds of millions of Rands in senseless damages – all of which are distractions away from the authentic realities and the failure of governments to come clean and tell the truth to their citizens and heal societies. 

I, for one, refuse to even engage in the mainstream western media’s manner of portraying current events which, during covid, mesmerised the masses, including myself to a point, with its repetitive moments of feigned and real terror, and ostensible endless calamity and genuine crushing tragedy. 

As the character Carlito Brigante, played by Al Pacino, said in the feature film Carlito’s Way: 

“When you can’t see the angles no more, you’re in trouble baby.”

Contributed by:
Barry Varkel, an attorney of the High Court of South Africa and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales.
Author of Nigiri Law and Goy Vey


  1. You have an ingesting viewpoint and our leaders ultimately do what is best for them.

    As for angels in this world, in the wise words of Lindsay Lohan “I’m an angel compared to some of my friends.”


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