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The 2005 feature film, “V for Vendetta”, starring Natalie Portman as “Evey” and Hugo Weaving as “V”, written by the now sisters Wachowski (of “the Matrix” fame), is set in a dystopian future British society which is under the rule of a fascist and tyrannical government. It represents an uncompromising and frightening vision of the future by its creators, and the freedom fighter “V” character has borrowed directly from the rich legacy of Guy Fawkes: “remember, remember the 5th of November; the gun powder treason and plot. I know of no reason why the gun powder treason should ever be forgot”.

The featured anonymous user review on IMDb (the internet movie data base) says:

“I am glad we gave it another view tonight after we originally gave up on it. It could be a movie about the events happening today and it is so very realistic it is frightening. It has a good storyline, and the acting is well done. More important, is the message it carries, and we should all take that message seriously if we don’t want to end up living in a country governed by martial law, fear, and loss of freedom”.

So, let’s not hold back. 

You are being set up again, right now, with the grim middle east Holy Land Jew/Muslim playout horror story. You were set up previously and rogered with glee with 9/11; alleged weapons of mass destruction in Iraq; Obama ordering Bin Laden be shot point-blank in the face and his never produced body apparently buried at sea; subprime; covid; Ukraine; tranny rights; fake climate agenda. 

It’s clear though I have mental illness; so, I’ve decided I need three more booster shots of mRNA and then, in the last ten seconds of my useless lemming life – while my cardiac pressure goes through redline, making two lines of crushed Viagra chased as a dragon seem like a kindergarten party – Brandon (Biden in case you don’t know his piss-take name on the US conspiracy nutter circuit) will appear before me, in the form of Moses and tell me:

“Me, Obama, Johnson, Blair, Bush Snr and Jnr, Netanyahu, Trudeau, Merkel, Sarkozy and Trump are all a bunch of two-faced scumbags”.

Then I will die, taking this most obvious confession with me, and finally relieving my pain of infinite daily drudgery.

I do find it truly amazing that Biden’s boys are now going to “rescue” American “hostages” in Israel, when good old Uncle Sam whacked how many decent Americans in the USA with their mRNA cook up.

I mean let’s have some sense of proportion here.

What I also find amazing, is everything is censored on YouTube, except of course the videos showing violent horror taking place in the Middle East. Why?

Can you believe it – I cannot even listen to the lyrics of my favourite Radiohead song “Freak” in full, because YouTube Music muffles the lyrics of “she’s so fucking special”.

Dangerous lyrics don’t you think?

But hey, anything said about the covid horseshit show is scrubbed immediately. They unceremoniously kicked me off LinkedIn. Every single five star client review I had evaporated into internet dust.

I mean seriously, why trust anything you read or see now?

Here’s what I think of the USA’s involvement in this shit-shit-Hollywood middle east entertainment D-grade porno stage show.

This dialogue comes from the Coen Brothers’ feature film “Burn After Reading” – and it sums up the immense and astounding talent of the contemporary US war machine.

CIA Superior: Where is the, uh, the treasury guy? Pfarrer?

CIA Officer: Right now?

CIA Superior: Right now.

CIA Officer: Um, he is in a detention room at Washington Dulles.

CIA Superior: Why?

CIA Officer: He was trying to board a flight to Venezuela. We had his name on a hot list, the CB people pulled him in, uh. Don’t know why he was going to Venezuela.

CIA Superior: You don’t know?

CIA Officer: No, sir.

CIA Superior: We have no extradition with Venezuela.

CIA Officer: Oh. So what should we do with him?

CIA Superior: For fuck’s sake, put him on the next flight to Venezuela!

CIA Officer: Yes, sir. Okay.

CIA Superior: Okay. So, the gym manager is dead.

CIA Officer: Yes, sir.

CIA Superior: The body is?

CIA Officer: Tha-that’s gone, sir.

CIA Superior: Okay.

CIA Officer: Um, but there was a, um, snag.

CIA Superior: What?

CIA Officer: Well, um. This CIA analyst, Cox, was attacking the gym guy. It was in broad daylight, on the street. Our man, uh, did not know what to do. He felt he had to step in.

CIA Superior: Yes?

CIA Officer: He, um, he shot the CIA analyst. He shot Cox.

CIA Superior: Good. Great! Is he dead?

CIA Officer: No, sir. He’s in a coma.

[CIA Superior grimaces]

CIA Officer: They don’t think he’s gonna make it. They don’t-they don’t think, they’re pretty sure he has no brain function.

CIA Superior: Okay. Okay. If he wakes up we’ll worry about it then. Jesus, what a clusterfuck.

When you switch the smartphone/TV/laptop off, the peace and quiet is wonderful. I found this out on Saturday past, hiking in the mountains of the Twelve Apostles. The only noise was the wind and the music from my headphones.

I have come to the following conclusions about mankind in the past three years:

1. Mankind loves drama, just as long as it involves third parties getting hurt.

2. Horror turns so many people on.

3. Vacuous lives get an immediate fix from dreadful news items.

4. Nobody cares for the next person; even the fake covid Freedom Movement is a crock of shite with about as much allegiance and camaraderie as whores in a cathouse.

5. No amount of money or material acquisitions will ever cure the hole billions of people have in their souls.

6. It’s always the same western nations running the shit show.

I wrote a poem last year for the McGregor Poetry Festival that I found out a few days ago will be published as part of their anthology next month.


The only illness

Is in your head

You can listen to it

And the endless bulletins

Banging out the dullest story

Of imminent destruction

Or you can choose

To live your life

To take your chances

With zero guarantee of success

In a risky

And apparently dangerous world

Billions have died before you

Your turn will come too

Until then

You only have precious moments left

To make

The very most of.

Contributed by:
Barry Varkel, an attorney of the High Court of South Africa and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales.
Author of Nigiri LawGoy Vey and Big Jon Harry’s Revenge



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