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Helpful Home Tips

Anything related to the legal professional while at home, that could be of benefit.

Save water and energy with RST shower heads

The RST Profilence range of water saving shower roses are specifically designed for fixed head showers that enable, by means of a patented turbo...

What is the correct way to drive around a traffic circle?

We all seems to make it through traffic circles while driving - often with a couple of choice four letter words and the occasional...
Sand sieves of various sizes

Harvesting drinking water – Sorting and Cleaning Sand

This part of making the bio-sand filter is a labourious task, but must be done correctly to ensure good quality water at the end...
water filter before and after

Harvesting drinking water – Preparation

With the current water shortage situation in South Africa it is critically important to harvest as much water from the roof and use it...

SARS refund email – Phishing SCAM attempt

Fraudsters have been emailing the general South African public with requests to confirm their banking details, so that the SARS refund can be deposited...
Andrea Tucker

Should you refinance your home or take out a secured personal loan instead?

Being wary of taking on debt is a wise default position. Borrowing cash to fund unnecessary extravagances will probably only buy you more worries...

A (real) free IQ test : Are you brave enough?

  The average IQ is 100. Have you wondered what your IQ score is? Our original IQ Test will give you a fast, free and...
Drinking water harvesting

Harvesting drinking water – Lessons Learnt

Now that all is said and done and the water bio-sand filter is filtering away successfully, I thought it would be a good thing...
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Five ways to make your property work for you

You worked hard enough to finally own a property; now it’s time for your property to start working for you. In buying a home,...

Silence a dripping tap – DIY

There is nothing more irritating than trying to sleep or concentrate while you can hear a leaking tap dripping. Now we are not going...

Keeping ants away from the dog’s food

It is a continuous battle to keep the ants out of the dog's food bowl. According to Popular Mechanics magazine the best way...
Prevent follow home hijacking

This is how South African criminals target you for a ‘follow home’ hijacking

While hijacking is often described as a ‘crime of opportunity‘ in South Africa, motorists have also been warned that they risk being followed home...