Forensic unit to fight financial crimes

South Africa establishes forensic unit to fight financial crimes

The Financial Intelligence Centre has established a forensic unit to help the government fight corruption and prosecute complex financial crimes, part of an effort to...
Kevin Halkerd, Senior Risk & Security Analyst at e4

Why humans should lead your business cybersecurity strategy

How do you get staff on board with security? By making it personal, says Kevin Halkerd, Senior Risk & Security Analyst at e4. Most successful...
Gur Geva

Face value: the ethics of facial recognition biometrics

The average person has a whopping 100 passwords that they use to access their various online accounts, a study by NordPass reveals. With the...

SABRIC Statement on Transunion South Africa and Personal Information 

Information bureau TransUnion South Africa has confirmed that N4aughtysecTU, a hacking group, obtained data belonging to the bureau through the misuse of an authorised...
Africa Data Security and Privacy Guide

Africa Data Security and Privacy Guide

The pandemic drove home the high value of personal data to the global economy, while also highlighting its vulnerability to abuse and attack. In...
Cyber Attack threats on SA

South Africa under cyber attack: Interpol reveals top threats in South Africa

A new report published by the International Criminal Police Organisation, commonly known as Interpol, gives key insights into cybercrime in Africa. The result of...
Ransom Request

Department of Justice hack — all backups gone and R33 million ransom demanded

The hackers that attacked the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development’s (DOJ&CD) systems earlier this month managed to encrypt all of its backups and...
Scammer Scammed

Scamming a scammer — we chatted up a fraudster to see what would happen

A MyBroadband researcher recently played along with an obvious advance-fee scam email and gained insight into how these con-men trick victims into parting with...
FNB branch

R2.9 million stolen from FNB bank account with R5,000 limit

FNB has been denied damages after demanding R2.9 million from a client who says he fell victim to an online scam. At the heart...
Tim Sadler - Co-founder of Tessian

Why legal professionals can’t afford to keep making cybersecurity mistakes

Would you be shocked to learn that more than half of legal professionals have sent at least one email to the wrong person? This...