transcending boundaries

The Ultimate Crossover – the Metaverse

The world has come a long way since 1983. On 1 January that year, the US Military switched on the packet switching TCP/IP protocol...
remote hearings

Remote hearings – the new normal? Or is there more to it?

Remote hearings are essentially defined as a hearing conducted either through telecommunication, or videoconference or any other means of telecommunication technology where parties involved...
Grant Phillips

2021 will demand continued UX and change management focus according to e4

A dogged commitment to change execution is how businesses will survive in 2021, according to Grant Phillips CEO of fintech specialist, e4. He says...
Proposed New Teraco Data Centre

Teraco concludes R2.5 billion funding round for data centre construction

Teraco Data Environments Proprietary Limited, Africa’s largest interconnection hub and vendor-neutral data centre provider, has announced that it has finalised a new R2.5 billion...
Lawyers using tech systems

Why Legal Technology is Inevitably Moving to the Cloud

Though security remains a concern, the legal sector's shift to cloud-based computing has been years in the making. Lawyer Monthly hears from Brian Mauch (BCOM...
Technology 2020 News

Biggest South African tech stories of 2020

2020 has been dominated by the coronavirus pandemic, which forced companies to rapidly digitize to support their employees working from home. The pandemic and subsequent...