Generative AI

What businesses need to know about generative AI

It’s a new era: artificial intelligence (AI) will “decimate the laptop class,” pundits say. Knowledge workers everywhere will see their jobs entirely replaced by...
ChatGPT assisting lawyers

SA lawyers use ChatGPT to argue case and get nailed

Lawyers arguing a case at the Johannesburg regional court have been called out in a judgement for using fake references generated by ChatGPT. “The names...
Singularity of Legal Services

The ‘Singularity’ Of Legal Services

In this article, I will examine how we got to the place where we are so uncertain about what's next with AI and how...
Herbert Smith Freehills

Consumers don’t trust AI, with fear outweighing excitement

Despite the hype, many consumers admit they don't trust artificial intelligence, with a significant proportion also expressing cynicism about the benefits it brings.Research conducted...

Lawyers blame chatbot for court gaffe

Two apologetic lawyers responding to an angry judge in Manhattan federal court last week blamed ChatGPT for tricking them into including fictitious legal research...
The Billable Hour and how AI might affect it

How Soon Before AI Kills the Billable Hour?

Earlier this week, stock prices for Chegg, which provides study materials and outlines for high school and college students, plunged by almost 48 percent reports CNBC.  ...
Lawyers Blogging with AI

Lawyers Blogging With AI is Inevitable

As I read more and more about AI in journalism and publishing – and use ChatGPT in my work and blogging, it’s become inevitable...
ChatGPT lawyer questions

Should I ask my lawyer or should I just ChatGPT it?

Have you heard of the powerful tool that is taking the world by storm? ChatGPT, a large language model developed by OpenAI, has been...
ChatGPT can lie

ChatGPT can lie, but it’s only imitating humans

There’s been a flurry of excitement this week over the discovery that ChatGPT-4 can tell lies. I’m not referring to the bot’s infamous (and occasionally defamatory)...
AI GPT-4 Explained

What is GPT-4 and how to use it right now

It’s been a mere four months since artificial intelligence company OpenAI unleashed ChatGPT and — not to overstate its importance — changed the world...

World’s First AI-Generated News Channel Launches – NewsGPT

Last week saw the launch of NewsGPT, the world's first news channel to be generated entirely by artificial intelligence. With no reporters and no...
Generative AI

Generative AI Is Coming for the Lawyers

David Wakeling, head of London-based law firm Allen & Overy's markets innovation group, first came across law-focused generative AI tool Harvey in September 2022....