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The dynamic nature of a democracy means that government must constantly adapt to a changing political, economic and societal climate.
DVT VoiceTracer by Philips

Welcome to the Philips VoiceTracer app!

Philips Speech Processing Solutions has launched their latest range of Philips audio recording devices and speech recognition software. The new Philips VoiceTracers...

Online publishing platforms – Local accounting journal provides a case in point

As Pouris and Pouris explain in their 2015 article that assesses South African research journals: “Journals are the main vehicle for scholarly...
LexisNexis Logo

Diving deeper for legal professionals

Just like a free diver requires skill and practice to dive deeper into the depths of the ocean, legal professionals require experience...
Financial Planning Handbook

Updated financial planning handbooks released

Keeping up to date with legislative and case law changes in the highly regulated financial services industry can be challenging.Professionals need to...
Bosman Stramrood

Checks and balances to avoid non-compliance

Choosing the right governance, risk and compliance system for your business Institutional checks and balances, civil society groups, and...
Drafting legal documents

What matters most when drafting legal documents?

According to a 2016 ALM survey of attorneys throughout the US, accuracy was found to be the most important single factor. Examine...
New book the law of property

Essential reference to property law updated

Significant changes to South African property legislation make it necessary for legal practitioners specialising in this aspect of law to have access...
Practical Drafting Skills

Enhanced skills for legal professionals lead to better outcomes

A newly released title is set to change the way legal professionals tackle the drafting of pleadings. Authored by former Judge of...
Dana Eitzen

Connectivity or control – do businesses have to choose?

We expect connectivity in every aspect of our lives. Whether that’s at home, on public transport or even in the workplace. As...