Add SA holidays to your Outlook calendar (Dec’08)

Automatically add holidays to your Outlook Calendar   On the Tools menu, click Options > Calendar Options > Add Holidays. From there choose which countries you want...

MS Word: Keyboard shortcuts for Afrikaans characters (Dec’08)

Many users of Microsoft Word don't know that there are keyboard shortcuts for Afrikaans characters. Here is a short list of the most often...

Save files as PDF in MS Office 2007 (Dec’08)

You can now save files created by many 2007 Microsoft Office system programs in Portable Document Format (PDF), which is a common format for...

Ergo-Tilt launches cell clip for cabling (Dec’08)

South African entrepreneur and MD of Ergo-TiltTM, Herb Ostroff has added two new products to Ergo-Tilt'sTM accessory range, MyClipTM and MyCellclipTM. MyClipTM is self-installed... 3.0 is now available (free) (Dec’08)

Following three years of continuous improvement, has now reached the landmark version...

Has Google released its browser too early? (Nov’08)

Google has released a beta version of its new Chrome browser to compete...

Dragon Naturally Speaking v10 announced (Nov’08)

Nuance Communications Inc has released version 10 of its Dragon Naturally Speaking software....