Personal Injury chasers

Mo brings the mountain to him

One thing lawyers are famous for, especially in the USA, is being ambulance chasers. This is a lamentable state of affairs and...
long relationships

Long-term relationships

Jewish wives Jewish women are renowned for their cooking skills, So, every time my medical doctor...
Shame Party

Jacob Zuma’s Shame Party confession

We do worry and complain way too much here in South Africa – and we shouldn’t. We live in a naturally beautiful...
Shrink and patient

Jono and the shrink skit

We wrote, rehearsed and filmed this skit at “Jono’s” flat during the course of one full day. Most people believe, when they...
Phone Chatline

Sex Chatline

How far down on the food chain would you go to make a living? Street-sweeper? Postman? Garbage truck man?

My Advertising Career

Do you remember the commercial played at the Art Nouveau cinema, just before the main feature started – about those two very...
Buckingham Palace at night

Zuma dines at Buckingham Palace

My hero, ex-Prez, Jacob Zuma went on a jol to England some time ago. And as it happened, he...
Piet Dlamini

Piet Dhlamini

Have you ever heard of Piet Dhlamini? Do you remember him? Well, back in 2010, Piet Dhlamini was the...
Attorney relaxing after tough day

Attorney Comes Home After Tough Day

An attorney arrived home late, after a very tough day trying to get a stay of execution. His last minute plea for...
Pearl Necklace

The Client Interview

I lead her to the table. Pulling her chair out for her, Noticing the nape of...