Anton Musgrave presenting at Futures Law Faculty

Anton Musgrave’s Future of the Law – enthrallingly exciting, exhilaratingly terrifying and mind breaking

Having a Masterlass directly after a long weekend, specifically Easter Weekend filled with chocolates and hot cross buns,...
Property Tech for law firms

Why Property Tech Might Be the Next Frontier For Legal

Investment in real estate technology is on the rise, and developers, landlords and other professionals are looking to their attorneys to help keep them...
Kristi Erasmus, Chrissie Lightfoot, Jackie Nagtegaal and Delia McArthur at the Futures Law Faculty event

Chrissie Lightfoot – Emotionally Intelligent Lawyers & Artificially Intelligent Machines

Chrissie is an Advisor to many legal and entrepreneur institutions around the world, a well-known legal futurist author of the book "Tomorrow's Naked Lawyer"...
AI explained in law firms

AI technology: A lawyers’ guide

As AI becomes more prevalent in our lives the law will need to adapt. However, lawmakers have been struggling to draft a definition that...
trends for law firms in 2019

A Banner Year For Law Firms? A Different Take On The 2019

The 2019 Citi Hildebrandt Client Advisory, (Citi Report) an annual survey of law firm fiscal performance, drew considerable industry attention following its December release....
Legal Tech predictions 2019

Legal Tech’s Predictions for 2019 in Innovative Technologies

Another year down, another year where the entire legal profession hasn’t been replaced by robots. Strike that one in the win column, I’d say. Still,...
Tech Trends for 2019 by Didata

5 tech trends you can expect to see in 2019

Dimension Data has launched its Tech Trends 2019 report developed by its team of technology experts. The report identifies fundamental industry trends that will come...
Billable hour

How AI and analytics made the billable hour redundant

It has been blamed for blocking business development and for penalising efficiency, yet despite its drawbacks, the billable hour has managed to persist in...
Customer experience

How will Automation, AI and IoT shape user experience?

According to Gartner, customer experience (CX) - more than products or solutions - is the new battlefront for business, with 81% of marketers saying...
Simon Slater, chief operating officer at e4

Technology is the future of FICA and digitised customer onboarding

Digitisation is transforming business and impacting consumers through every stage of their daily lives. While rapidly becoming a way of life, onboarding consumers digitally...