Fikile Sibiya of e4

Stop chasing buzzwords, start pursuing tech fundamentals

The disruption of digital transformation has become the new normal. If you groaned a little (or a lot) at that sentence, you’re not alone....
legal tech to stay competitive

How Law Firms Can Invest In Tech To Stay Competitive

The legal industry is known for its traditional practices and reluctance to embrace change. But as technology continues to evolve at a breakneck pace,...
Future Law 2023

Report from the legal tech conference Future Law 2023

Last week, LEGID organized the legal tech conference Future Law 2023 in Estonia in partnership with the European Legal Technology Association (ELTA) and Tallinn...
Tech Trends by AJS Part 2

Beyond Tech Trends – Part II

Getting down to the crux of the matter As we head into February, fully committed to making 2023 a fantastic year, we have started looking...
Law firm to commercial law

Out of the legal firm frying pan and into the commercial law fire

There comes a point in the career of many a legal professional when the time is right to take the exciting plunge from a...
Tech Trends Part 1 by AJS

Beyond Tech Trends: PART I

Part I - Getting down to the crux of the matter With 2023 already in full swing, there are swathes of articles on tech trends...
Law trends for 2023

Say goodbye to the one-trick pony | Law trends 2023

Being 'creatures of instruction', the international legal fraternity was - pre-Covid - blissfully content to splash about in the shallow waters of its potential...
Mike Freislich of WeDoChange

6 Defining Trends Of 2022 That Will Continue To  Impact Your Business in 2023

The year 2022 has been one of substantial change, especially in the workplace, where organisations of all shapes and sizes have had to navigate...
Baker McKenzie

African tech trends – the rollout of  5G, the need for broadband infrastructure, the...

African tech trends - the rollout of  5G, the need for broadband infrastructure, the rise of fintech, and increasing data privacy and cybersecurity risks Trending...

The impact of Covid on the South African legal industry – Survey Update

Our survey currently has 250 responses from our 15 000 subscribers to Tech4Law.  One way to look at this response is that it is appalling and...
Tech 2022 trends by DLA Piper

Digital Law Alert – Your regular tech law update

Welcome to the first edition of our new regular tech law newsletter, DLA Piper’s Digital Law Alert. Our inaugural edition features: Our top tech...
Trend Spotting by AJS

Trend spotting

The “Top 7” legal tech trends for 2022 At the start of 2020, no one could have predicted all the positives that would arise from...