Document Automation 2020 Panellists

The Future of Document Automation – ILTA>ON

Panel Discussion Members:Bethany Keaveny President Docugility www.docugility.comBraam Kruger CEO Nymbiz Alvarez Technical Expert Docugility www.docugility.comJohn Federico Senior Consultant Affinity Consulting www.affinityconsulting.comChris Pearson Director...
Kevin Halkerd

The role of augmented analytics in today’s BI process is evolving

Since 2018, Gartner said that augmented analytics was set to change data analysis and business intelligence processes. Kevin Halkerd, senior IT risk and security...
Robin Gerhold

The importance of adopting technology in the modern law firm

By Robin Gerhold on behalf of LexisNexis South Africa The legal profession is known to be notoriously slow to adopt technology. Even the most useful...
Smart Contracts

Legality Considerations of Smart Contract

Smart contracts have been defined in a number of ways but suffice it to say that it refers to a contractual agreement – whether...

The New Normal—Law Firms May Never Be the Same

If Covid-19 shutdowns continue into 2021 and beyond, the changes integrated by firms to support work-from-home arrangements are likely to become the new normal....
CES 2020

CES 2020 Las Vegas – Verge Awards

This year, the things that stole attention at the show were not early looks at products that you and I will be able to...
Andrea Tucker

Automation’s transformative power will change banking

The banking industry on a global scale is currently leveraging off the concept of automation to drive growth and cost efficiencies. While it has...
AI with Knowledge Management

How to use AI to scale knowledge management

Over the last decade, technology has transformed knowledge management within the legal industry. But even through this digital evolution, the goal of the knowledge...
Anton Musgrave presenting at Futures Law Faculty

Anton Musgrave’s Future of the Law – enthrallingly exciting, exhilaratingly terrifying and mind breaking

Having a Masterlass directly after a long weekend, specifically Easter Weekend filled with chocolates and hot cross buns, leads to a rude wake up...
Property Tech for law firms

Why Property Tech Might Be the Next Frontier For Legal

Investment in real estate technology is on the rise, and developers, landlords and other professionals are looking to their attorneys to help keep them...
Kristi Erasmus, Chrissie Lightfoot, Jackie Nagtegaal and Delia McArthur at the Futures Law Faculty event

Chrissie Lightfoot – Emotionally Intelligent Lawyers & Artificially Intelligent Machines

Chrissie is an Advisor to many legal and entrepreneur institutions around the world, a well-known legal futurist author of the book "Tomorrow's Naked Lawyer"...
AI explained in law firms

AI technology: A lawyers’ guide

As AI becomes more prevalent in our lives the law will need to adapt. However, lawmakers have been struggling to draft a definition that...