Information Security Chain

Fixing the Weak Link in Your Information Security Chain

How many security incidents do you think the average business has a year? How many do you think the average business had...
Marcus Weinberger

Ethical Hacker Meets Cyber Security Expert

As the last Futures Law Faculty Masterclass for 2020, the Ethical Hacker meets Cyber Security Expert,  hosted on 24 October 2019 at...

Two important cases on EFT Fraud

Paying by electronic funds transfer (EFT) is so convenient for running one’s home or business, with us being able to make payments...
Data Breach

Breaches in Data Security – Rights and Responsibilities – The Rise of Data Breaches

If the discussion around data security wasn’t pertinent enough, the data breach, or hack, against the digital infrastructure of the City of...
Identity Theft

Companies need to protect their customers from identity theft and data breaches

Identity theft and data breaches are on the rise with Fraudscape stating in its 2019 report that identity theft hit an all-time...
Law firm hackers notice

16 Year Old Hacker – Law Firms are most Lucrative

You would be excused if your image of a hacker conjures up images of  a guy, with a hoodie pulled over his...
Data Breach

The consequential implications following a Data Breach and the Mitigation of same

The consequences of a cyber-attack or its related data breach are wide and far reaching, impacting customer trust  in the organisation and...
Email Correspondence Risks

Cyber Attacks – Email Correspondence Risks

How much of the following sounds familiar:  An email from a potential new client, asking for legal advise based...

Beware of Property Cyber Scammers

“Forewarned is Forearmed!” (Wise old saying) Why yet another warning about cyber-scams in the property industry? It’s because the...

Beating cybercrime 101

“The risk to the legal profession in South Africa is exacerbated by our being the second most targeted country in the world...