Law firms and Generative-AI

Generative AI and the Small Law Firm: Leveling the Playing Field

Many lawyers and law firm leaders are worried about the potential disruptive impact of generative artificial intelligence. I’m less convinced that these worries are...
AI saving African law firms time

AI is saving up to 50% of lawyers’ time, say heavyweight African firms

A trio of Africa’s top law firms say their use of AI and machine learning is helping them save up to 50% of their...
Paralegals versus AI

Paralegals Race to Stay Relevant as AI Threatens Their Future

Toni Marsh divided her class of aspiring paralegals at George Washington University in two. One group was told to use a traditional template to...
End of Lawyers - Not Yet

The End of Lawyers? Not Yet 

Why would a law firm, or for that matter a corporate legal team, sack a lawyer who is doing a good job? One widely...
ChatGPT working for law firms

How ChatGPT can help law firms?

Small law firms face a range of challenges that can make it difficult for them to compete with larger firms. One of the biggest...

How ChatGPT Can Help Lawyers Develop a Business Development Niche

The single biggest impediment to blog success for lawyers is failing to focus on a niche. The tighter the niche the better.Niche blogs become...
AI writing assistant

AI Writing Assistants: A Cure for Writer’s Block or Modern-Day Clippy?

In recent years, I've watched AI weave its way into our daily lives. It's written and directed movies, acted as a therapist, and visualised...
Google AI Test Kitchen

Google’s new app lets you test experimental AI systems like LaMDA

Google today launched AI Test Kitchen, an Android app that allows users to try out experimental AI-powered systems from the company’s labs before they make their...
AI in the legal sector

Aiscension: AI in the legal sector

There are two concurrent and somewhat symbiotic developments taking place in the legal sector that address this. On the one hand the sector “must...
Deep Learning Cafe

AI tools can help legal firms work more effectively

The past year reshaped the legal landscape, as many South African law firms were forced to adopt new technologies to survive. The transition to...
Andrea Tucker from e4

Smart strategising for getting the most out of Machine Learning

From a concept considered to be an excessive and unnecessary spend just a few short years ago, Machine Learning (ML) has grown to have...
Andrea Tucker

Why AI is the next best thing for customer experience management

While an omnichannel approach has become the norm across most industries, forward-looking businesses are considering the next level to gain competitive advantage. According to...