Here we give the attorneys good ideas on technology at home, mostly relate to technology, but could include other practical tips.

water filter before and after

Harvesting drinking water – Preparation

With the current water shortage situation in South Africa it is critically important to harvest as much water from the roof and use it...
Telefunken 32" not FullHD

Alarm raised over Full HD TV “lie” in South Africa

It says Full HD on the box, on the back of the TV, and the salesman confirms the display puts out 1080p. There’s just...
commandments of social media

The Unspoken Social Media Commandments

Social media is fair game, right? Wrong. Over-use and abuse it and you’ll end up unliked, unfollowed and maybe blocked. We asked the teens...
drivers license

Everything you need to know about South Africa’s incoming traffic demerit system

A meeting of the national Aarto task team will take place in Bloemfontein before the end of February in preparation for the planned country-wide roll-out...

Lucozade SA’s groundbreaking digital refrigeration creates an exciting connection with shoppers

Lucozade SA partnered with Pulse Media Technologies to implement the first formal African launch of the groundbreaking technological digital refrigerator which was installed into...
Cell phone tower causing poor sleep and bad temper

Cellphone tower makes dogs fight and I have covered my windows with tinfoil

Residents of the Durban neighbourhood Glenmore are suffering from short tempers, aggressive pets, and sleepless nights – which they have attributed to the erection...
VW Polo Compact Electric for Uber type service

VW launching Uber-like service in Africa

VW is setting up a ride-hailing service in Rwanda and a production facility in Kenya. According to Engadget, the launch of the ride-hailing service follows...
New ZA electrical plugs

South Africa’s new plug standard – what to expect from ZA Plug in 2017

During 2016, the Electrical Contractors’ Association of South Africa, the ECA(SA), told MyBroadband South Africa’s new plug standard would become semi-mandatory. A proposed amendment to...
sock to track diabetic health

Siren Care makes a “smart” sock to track diabetic health

Diabetic health tracking startup Siren Care has created smart socks that use temperature sensors to detect inflammation — and therefore injury — in realtime...
There is a South African app for that

10 South African Apps For Our One-of-a-Kind Country

The amount of apps created to meet South Africa’s unique market needs is on the rise. Apple’s famous ‘there’s an app for that’ slogan...

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