Case shows why lawyers must encrypt e-communications

Whenever your firm’s employees work remotely during the pandemic (and beyond), electronic communications will increase out of necessity. If those communications aren’t...
LegalTech is Cash Poor

Start-Ups Are Cash Poor, Legal Tech Is Not Alone

Victoria Hudgins penned a piece at Law.com earlier this week that the hard truth behind the ROSS shutdown is that legal tech is cash poor.Investors and software...
State of Legal Tech

The State of Legal Tech and Innovation: What Experts Around the World are Saying

With the world becoming increasingly interconnected, firms are finding themselves more reliant than ever on automating legal processes and new technology tools....
Video Conference

6 Popular Video Conferencing Tools Compared

There’s no shortage of videoconferencing tools on the market, and the app you might be asked to use next may well not...
Cloud and Data Loss

CLOUDy with a chance of data loss

The current #lockdown has forced businesses to #WorkFromAnywhere in an attempt to maintain #BusinessAsUsual. This article focuses on the technological challenges faced...
Caroline Serfass, CIO of Canon Europe

The Evolution of the IT Department

The traditional caricature of the IT department was of a group of tech geeks ensconced in the basement of a company, never...
Grant Phillips e4 CEO

Becoming digitally empowered in 2020

2019: the year digitilisation gained momentum Digital transformation swept across businesses and industries in 2019, gaining momentum for a...
Nik Steffny of e4

The Platform – tomorrows new economic sector

Platform as a Service growth exponential according to e4 Digitalisation is constant. We see it in the continuous innovative...
Law Communication and Legal Design

Putting the pencil back in Legal Tech

EMPATHISE. DEFINE. The pencil may not be regarded as technologically advanced, but ironically all technologies started life with a...
Legal Tech

Getting Beyond The Tech in Legal Tech

The legal industry is awash in all things “legal tech.” Tech start-ups are popping up like Starbucks. Legal tech conferences and hackathons...

One step closer to e-conveyancing

The digital age is deeming more and more legal processes in South Africa archaic and outdated, and the process of transferring property - or...
John Croft

The 60 second interview: Why law firms shouldn’t build their own tech

Elevate co-founder and president John Croft talks to The Lawyer about why it doesn’t make sense for law firms to build their own technology and the...