The New Normal—Law Firms May Never Be the Same

If Covid-19 shutdowns continue into 2021 and beyond, the changes integrated by firms to support work-from-home arrangements are likely to become the new normal....
Remote Courts Worldwide

Richard Susskind Launches Remote Courts Worldwide

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads and courts around the world are closing, this website is designed to help the global community of justice workers...
What next for law firms

Where to now for the legal profession in South Africa?

Three years ago I began speaking about the tough times that lay ahead for the South African legal profession.  “Alarmist!  We’re doing just fine,”...
Meena from Google

Just how big a deal is Google’s new Meena chatbot model?

Technology behemoths like Google and Facebook have got us used to, even fatigued by, their never-ending string of impressive announcements of progress in the...
Access to justice

Transforming Access to Justice

Since the advent of constitutional democracy, South African law and the legal profession have been transformed in a variety of ways. However, transformation is...
Delia McArthur

Tinder, LegalTech , Technology and the Future

by Delia McArthur, Law for Allfrom the presentation at Legal Tech Show in Johannesburg I have been very blessed to work for Law for All for...
Law firms and cybercrime future

Cybercrime: Law firms under threat

In this piece, I expand on the issue of cybercrime as a serious threat facing law firms. This topic was first introduced in the...

Technology and Law Firms of the Future

In this piece, I expand on the topic of technology and law firms of the future first discussed in Some Challenges Facing the South African Legal...
Ashlin Perumall

Re-designing legal services in Africa

Investors in Africa face an increasingly complex business environment, with numerous geopolitical and economic risks to consider, as well as having to comply with...
Changing Roles for Lawyers

The changing role of…lawyers

Law firms are increasingly under pressure from clients to reduce fees and improve efficiency. As more data becomes available, and technologies muscle in to...
Legal Technology into the future

Legal Technology and human lawyers – what does the future hold?

At the recent Legal Innovation and Tech Fest, held in Johannesburg in June, delegates were treated to a wide array of technology and innovation...
Using AI in conveyancing

Using AI to speed up conveyancing

The very best technology allows staff simply to get on with their job. It works away in the background and we don’t even notice...