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Daan’s Snippets 2018/01

Gentle reader, this is the latest edition of a series now 21 years old. Snippets commenced publication in 1997, was modernised and rechristened in...
Daan Steenkamp's Snippets 2019

Daan’s Snippets 2019-1

Economy - The Absa PMI rose to marginally positive in December, the best level of last year. The Business Confidence Index deteriorated marginally to 31...
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Daan’s Snippets 2019-3

Economy - Sales of new passenger cars slumped by some 10% in January compared to that of the January before. Whilst optimism is permeating our...
Daan's Snippets Don Quijote

Daan’s Snippets September 2018/19

Business - Coca-Cola is reportedly in talks with a Canadian marijuana producer to develop health-focused beverages that will ease inflammation, pain and cramping… Surely...
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Daan’s Snippets 2019-5

Economy - I had long known that tax comprises a large part of the cost of vehicle fuel; I had not known that taxes account...
Daan's Snippets Don Quijote

Daan’s Snippets October 2018/21

Gentle Reader, In praise of … cost? - Bhaktapur is the cultural capital of Nepal. It is also busy, poor and dusty. It takes me 8 minutes...
Daan's Snippets Don Quijote

Daan’s Snippets November 2018/22

Borshare mistake - We are tuff okes, tired but tuff, nikse limp-wristed Swedish massages, we go for the deep tissue massage; vir ouens met spiere....
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Daan’s Snippets 2019-4

Economics - Some years back, local chicken farmers complained that they were not being protected by the state. We have all eaten imported cheap chickens...

Daan’s Snippets November 2018/25

The first time is a mistake; the second... When a clerk, my secretary was the erstwhile shot-put and discus champion of the Eastern Cape; not...
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Daan’s Snippets 29th of 2019

Economics Our PMI is at its lowest in 10 years; the IIF says that our SOE disaster could push...

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