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Daan’s Snippets 2019-10

Economy - Skills: a note written by Bernstein, head of the Centre for Development and Enterprise, attracted my attention: she wrote on what was necessary...
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Daan’s Snippets November 2018/23

I have a friend who collects strange friends. Several of them are involved in MMA and such. They ride Harleys, sport tattoos, carry (in...
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Daan’s Snippets November 2018/24

With pleasure - In 1985 I was hired as a conveyancer and was stuck into Groot Dries’ agency conveyancing practice. Learning to collaborate was the...
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Daan’s Snippets July 2018/09

Economic review - It has been said that the state needs to nationalise the SA Reserve Bank. One of the arguments against nationalisation is that...
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Daan’s Snippets September 2018/19

Business - Coca-Cola is reportedly in talks with a Canadian marijuana producer to develop health-focused beverages that will ease inflammation, pain and cramping… Surely...
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Daan’s Snippets November 2018/22

Borshare mistake - We are tuff okes, tired but tuff, nikse limp-wristed Swedish massages, we go for the deep tissue massage; vir ouens met spiere....
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Daan’s Snippets – The struggle between lust of dominion

Economy - Warren Buffet has likened Bitcion to rat poison squared. One buys Bitcoin in the expectation that a rising price will be created as...
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Daan’s Snippets April 2018/02

Economic review - There are a number of signals that our economy is picking up. One of them, significant for the likes of I, is...
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Daan’s Snippets 14th of 2019

Economy - Stats SA reports that retail sales registered pedestrian growth of just 0.2% yoy for the first quarter of this year....
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Daan’s Snippets July 2018/10

Order without law: ADR - Universities, in the past, taught on the assumption that litigation is the primary method of dispute resolution. This mindset is...

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