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Daan’s Snippets 13th of 2019

Gentle Reader, My name is Ozymandias. Look on my works ye mighty and despair! Nothing beside remains. My patricidal...
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Daan’s Snippets – 18th of 2019

Economy The SA BER index remained unchanged in Q2 at 28 points. RMB opined that a technical recession for...
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Daan’s Snippets – 23rd of 2019

Economics The governor of our Reserve Bank expects an economic growth of below 0.8% this year. On the matter...
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Daan’s Snippets 22nd of 2019

Economy This week past newspapers reported that Egypt had floated its currency and accepted the pain that went with...
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Daan’s Snippets – 19th of 2019

Economy The week before last it was reported that Zimbabwe would be releasing its own currency by year end....
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Daan’s Snippets 14th of 2019

Economy - Stats SA reports that retail sales registered pedestrian growth of just 0.2% yoy for the first quarter of this year....
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Daan’s Snippets 2019-10

Economy - Skills: a note written by Bernstein, head of the Centre for Development and Enterprise, attracted my attention: she wrote on what was necessary...
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Daan’s Snippets – 24th of 2019

EconomyEngineeringnews ran an article by Bloomberg, reporting that foreigners are ditching SA bonds and stocks at the fastest pace on record (i.e....
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Daan’s Snippets – 20th of 2019

Economy President Mnangagwa says that the re-introduction of the Zimbabwe dollar will be a “return to normalcy”. If one...
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Daans Snippets – 21st of 2019

Economy Moody’s reports that South Africa has the highest private sector debt to GDP ratio in sub Saharan Africa...

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