Using automation software to deliver consistency and security within a legal environment

Technology can be a key differentiator for companies, helping to improve efficiencies and streamline processes. This is particularly true for automation technology...
Weed at work

The impact of cannabis in the workplace

Even though the use of cannabis in the home is now legal, the potential exists for employees to arrive at work under...
The Perfect Storm for Law Firms

Practical Business Advice for Lawyers – Part 1

I’m going to be talking to you about technology and how you can use that to make your practices more efficient.

8 Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

Social media doesn’t have to be a massive commitment or time investment. It also doesn’t have to be a big mystery as...

A remarkable judgment that will have a huge impact in South Africa

The High Court in Pretoria recently ruled that certain provisions of South Africa’s interception legislation, the Regulation of Interception of Communications and...

Lawyers told to reconsider hourly fees

Customers are pushing accountants and lawyers to move away from "billable hours" if they want to stay relevant in 2030, as a...
Legal Project Management

Legal Evolution/2 – What is Legal Project Management and how can I leverage it?

1. A brief definition of Legal Project Management In the last Legal Evolution/1 article, I made brief reference to...
Green Office

Towards a greener and more sustainable business space

Societal expectation to act with greater environmental consciousness is increasing.  Environmental matters are subject to rapid regulatory and legal developments and change,...
Pay associates for origination of business

More Firms Should Offer Origination Bonuses To Associates

Many people within the legal profession already know, numerous law firms offer associates a bonus for work that they bring into a...
Nik Steffny of e4

The Platform – tomorrows new economic sector

Platform as a Service growth exponential according to e4 Digitalisation is constant. We see it in the continuous innovative...