Christmas card

Sending Season Greetings to Your Law Firm Clients

How many Christmas cards have you received in the last 2 weeks and will receive in the remaining days leading up to Christmas? ...
Ghosting to improve your customer service

Ghosting to Improve Your Law Firm Service

Ghosting or Ghost Calling or Ghost Clients are all forms of checking on your service levels by contacting your firm as if a client,...
Lawyers networking

Networking for Lawyers

The majority of lawyers don’t need to network their services, so why should you? Yes, that is right, the majority don’t – and...

Law Firm keywords are not all created equal

We need to spend a little more time on understanding keywords to give our online marketing a better chance of succeeding. Not all keywords...
Facebook engagement for law firms

Facebook Engagement Not So Simple

Well, my experiment to drive engagement by posting good content, pictures and questions last week did not work. Let us look at a few...

Educate your clients

Lawyers get twitchy when you tell them to give away information, but educating your clients or prospects is in no way doing a knowledge...
call your clients

Take an interest in your law firm client

I believe that there are attorneys that have lost the plot with what they offer society. The client is not the conduit to offer...
Market to your existing clients first

Market to Low Hanging Fruit First

We all seem to think new or more clients when we think about marketing a law firm, but we are so busy chasing our...
Teamwork for marketing

Marketing Your Law Firm Through Your Staff

Surely, the people who work at your law firm, know your business and law firm personality way better than any outsider marketing consultancy, right?...

Keywords = Law Firm Marketing

Not sure how I can emphasise the huge importance of choosing the correct keywords before you get stuck into your law firm marketing, most...