Couple robbed of R250,000 by hackers while trying to buy a house

A couple who were buying their first home in Knysna had their R250,000 deposit stolen when a hacker scammed them into depositing the money...
Law Firm budget

Business Advice for Law Firms – Create a budget

It is crucial that every practice compiles a budget at the start of every financial year. Income should be based on billable hours and...

Steps to Being a Successful Legal Secretary

Wanted: Great Legal Secretary. Not a mediocre legal secretary. Not adequate….Great. We’ve all the seen the job postings. Terms like “high-caliber”, “skilled” and “polished”...

Durban Law Firm Marketing and Management Meetup Group

Tech4Law has decided to establish a social networking group, to help law firms of South Africa practise law more efficiently and effectively....
sexual harrasment in law firms

8 Facts About Sexual Harassment Which Your Law Firm Needs To Know

Why are lawyers prone to sexual abuse and harassment? The answer to a large extent can be found in the way in which lawyers...
Retaining clients for law firms

Retaining clients in 2020

Building your law firm has taken a lot of hard work over many years, a lot of sleepless nights and a lot...

9 Ways to Run a Small Law Firm as a Business

Both the paper and infographic propose nine proven techniques for running a law firm as a business. It brings together research, best practices and...
Find a niche market for your law firm

Business Advice for Law Firms – Niche legal work

It is widely accepted that niche legal practices are more sustainable than general purpose law firms. 'Niche' might be achieved through a geographic...

21 Pieces of Advice for Every (New) Lawyer

Law practice is one tough go. Hard lessons get learned, sometimes over and over and over. Many of those lessons were in fact explicitly...
What next for law firms

Where to now for the legal profession in South Africa?

Three years ago I began speaking about the tough times that lay ahead for the South African legal profession.  “Alarmist!  We’re doing...
Bill for all your time

Business Advice for Law Firms – Bill for all time

With so few billable hours, you need to ensure that you bill for all of your time and disbursements, and that nothing slips through...
The Right Client

The Right Client

Finding the right client is kind of like trying to find your ideal life partner. When you are young and single, dating...