Using automation software to deliver consistency and security within a legal environment

Technology can be a key differentiator for companies, helping to improve efficiencies and streamline processes. This is particularly true for automation technology...

Tips to position smaller law firms for success

Law firms are faced with a tough competitive environment in which the market has become increasingly price sensitive. With clients demanding even...
5 accounting reports for law firms

5 Essential Accounting Reports for Solos and Small Firms

If you’re a solo or small firm lawyer, you not only have to worry about your clients and cases, you also have to be...
Vodafone Business Report for 2019

What businesses can expect in 2019: Global Trends Barometer Highlights

As the end of the year approaches, businesses start looking ahead and wondering what the next twelve months has in store. We’ve put that very...
John Desmarais

Desmarais: A Law Firm That Doesn’t Bill by the Hour

"We do not bill by the hour. Instead, we bill a monthly, flat fee and, if a client prefers, we also will bill a...
Technology in small law firms

Business Advice for Law Firms – Technology

Law firms today need to be productive and efficient. In the past that was achieved by employing more people. Going forward, the only way...
Google is your friend

Business Advice for Law Firms – Search the Internet

There are literally hundreds of thousands of legal practitioners, just like you, around the world. By searching the Internet you will find articles on...
Don't put all your eggs in one basket

Business Advice for Law Firms – Eggs in one basket

Beware of having one or two large clients that make up most of your revenue. While that may be necessary in the beginning, you...
Client Relationships in Law Firms

Business Advice for Law Firms – Client relationships

As mentioned before, you need to build and maintain strong relationships with your clients. This might mean good service and good communication during...
Find a niche market for your law firm

Business Advice for Law Firms – Niche legal work

It is widely accepted that niche legal practices are more sustainable than general purpose law firms. 'Niche' might be achieved through a geographic...
Law Firm budget

Business Advice for Law Firms – Create a budget

It is crucial that every practice compiles a budget at the start of every financial year. Income should be based on billable hours and...
Outsource law firm admin

Business Advice for Law Firms – Outsource your admin

More and more small firms are outsourcing their admin and compliance functions so that they have more time to practise law and to grow...