SEO basics for law firms

SEO Basics for Law Firms

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a rather large unwieldly and ever-changing practice that is time-consuming and mundane. Most of the time I recommend getting...
Law Firm Blogs

Law Firm Blogs = Marketing Gold

If you are going to make a new year’s resolution about your law firm marketing in the next few weeks, I would suggest you...
call your clients

Take an interest in your law firm client

I believe that there are attorneys that have lost the plot with what they offer society. The client is not the conduit to offer...
Christmas card

Sending Season Greetings to Your Law Firm Clients

How many Christmas cards have you received in the last 2 weeks and will receive in the remaining days leading up to Christmas? ...
Google yourself to check marketing

Keep Googling Yourself and Your Firm

To start off, Googling yourself and your firm, may give you a very important heads up on some bad publicity that people are seeing...
Dont chase two rabbits at once in marketing

Marketing and the Art of Chasing Rabbits

“Focus! If you chase two rabbits, both will escape” (ancient Chinese proverb) This article is for you if – You own a small law...
Attorney networking tips

8 Ways for lawyers to build a better referral business

People who have a great experience - whichever way that experience is deemed as great – will bring your law firm more business. At...
Law firm follow up calls

Every Law Firm Should Have Follow Up Calls

You know the good feeling we get when the car workshop calls you to see if your service with them went as planned? What...
Gazebo advertising idea for law firms

Law Firm Branding in Strange Places

Don’t think for a second that branding at a non-related function or event will not create leads for your law firm. Firstly, just having...
Tracking visitors to your law firm website

How to Track Your Law Firm Marketing

I know I sound like a stuck record, but as I have said many times before, “If you cannot measure your marketing efforts/results, you...

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