Using CMS systems for law firm websites

Law Firm Should Use CMS for Websites

If you have an extra large marketing budget, I agree that you should have a custom website designed with a special administration module attached...
Business card ideas for lawyers

Business Cards for Law Firms

The old school introduction and information exchange is still handled by the business card. It makes sense to use this opportunity to stand out...
Paid Facebook marketing for law firms not so great

Facebook Engagement – Paid Boost

This last week we took a relatively good post reaching over 300 people with 8 engagements, we boosted that post for 24 hours with...
Facebook engagement for law firms

Facebook Engagement Not So Simple

Well, my experiment to drive engagement by posting good content, pictures and questions last week did not work. Let us look at a few...
Building engagement for your law firm Facebook page

Starting a Facebook Page for Your Law Firm – Building Engagement

Let’s put aside the virtual “North of Umgeni River Property Law” Facebook page, and use our own Tech4Law Facebook page to continue this session,...
Step by step guide to a Facebook page for a law firm

Starting a Facebook Page for Your Law Firm – Profile Setup

We continue from last weeks’ article - Starting a Facebook Page for Your Law Firm – Baby Steps – and now we continue the...
Facebook for lawyers - step by step

Starting a Facebook Page for Your Law Firm – Baby Steps

I decided to start a small series inside a series giving you the exact steps to creating a Facebook page for your clients and...
Facebook tips for law firms

Basic Tips for Your Law Firm and Facebook

Ask any lawyer about their presence on Facebook and watch their body language, the arms fold, legs cross and if wearing a jacket, they...
Boosting law form content

Boost Your Law Firm Social Content

When we start off in the social media/blog or website news, we tend to think that creating the great content is enough to bring...
impoving the public image of a law firm

Upgrading your Law Firm Image

Back in the day when pops managed a 20 partner, 100 paralegal law firm – to upgrade your image, you built a fancy new...

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